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Minsuk Chang

Hi :) My name is Minsuk Chang.

I'm a PhD student in the School of Computing at KAIST advised by Juho Kim. My work in HCI focuses on building interactive systems powered by statistical inference on large scale interaction data. I am an active member of KIXLAB since its day one, and we're part of the bigger HCI@KAIST group.

One-liner Research Objective:

I aim to build interfaces that promote learning for both humans and machines.

Latest Publications:

Minsuk Chang, Leonore V. Guillain, Hyeungshik Jung, Vivian M. Hare, Juho Kim, and Maneesh Agrawala. "RecipeScape: An Interactive Tool for Analyzing Cooking Instructions at Scale", CHI 2018 (to appear)

What I do:
  • I build interfaces using data-driven computational interaction models to support computationally rational user scenarios.
  • I use human computation, machine learning and statistical inference on naturally crowdsourced instructions to mine human semantics layers like explanations, reasoning, consequences and causal relationships.
  • I spend a lot of my time thinking about ways we can improve learning at scale through peer learning.
  • I'm Head TA for the Introduction to Programming course since 2015. I really enjoy working with 40 TAs and interacting with 450-500 students each semester!
How I got here:

I have training in Computer Science, Financial Engineering from KAIST, Finance from Simon Business School @ University of Rochester, and Statistics from Rutgers University. I have worked at an Hedge Fund in NYC trying to beat the market by relentlessly crunching numbers prior to coming (back) to KAIST. I've spent two years in the reinforcement learning (as a subfield of machine learning) research group at KAIST as a Ph.D student before joining KIXLAB (the KAIST Interaction Lab). A more detailed CV.

Latest News:

Feb 2018 : Presented a poster on RecipeScape at HCI@KAIST Winter Workshop. Received best poster award!
Dec 2017 : Our RecipeScape paper is conditionally accepted to CHI 2018!
Oct 22 - 24, 2017 : Student Volunteering for UIST 2017 @ Quebec City, QC, Canada